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The 3 Main Stages Of Marketing Online Strategy – Awareness, Consideration, Decision

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With internet and digital media becoming more mainstream today than ever, the way people used to market their products or services has changed a lot as well. From brick and mortar marketing tactics, we have now entered the era of online marketing where tools like paid search, SEO, and SEM play a key part in building your brand identity and generating more leads. Nevertheless, the three basic stages of marketing – awareness, consideration, and decision – are still relevant and you should build your online marketing strategy around them even today. Let’s try to find in more detail what each of these stages requires from you as a marketing strategist. 

  • Awareness

In this stage of the marketing funnel, your goal is to reach out to your prospects and introduce them to your product or brand. You can show your creativity and come up with some quality educational content that helps them understand who you are and how you can bring value to them. Remember, however, that you need to be very cautious here and must not sell or force them to buy from you. Rather, be educational and helpful. 

This is the stage when prospects are mere strangers to your company and you have to make them learn actual who you are and what you are selling. You have to introduce them to your product and win their trust. Provide them with free content that demonstrates how valuable your product can turn out to be for them.

  • Consideration

On the second stage of your growth marketing strategy, you should be aiming at making your relationship stronger with the prospects and introduce them to the product or service you’re offering while nurturing the relationship with more targeted and contextual content. Give them educational content that is tailored specifically for them while still keeping it helpful and product specific. Here again, you should not take the sales pitch too high or send them content which isn’t thought-provoking at all. 

This is the stage when your prospects are more open to considering your products and learning about you even more. So, you should take this opportunity to get into their heads by sending them content specifically targeted at them and providing solutions to their pain points. The content could be some case study of another customer who had similar woes as them which outlines how your product/service solved the issue. 

  • Decision

This is the stage when you have to convince the prospects and get them to buy your product/service. This is where you talk about all the benefits your product/service can offer, show it off, provide promotions and discounts for convincing them into making a purchase, and even compel them into buying right away. Just make sure you do not overwhelm them with sales calls and sales assets. At this stage the goal is turning your prospect into a new customer or client.

With so much going on at each stage, it is always a good idea to hire a creative agency to market your products/services online. The professionals at Goclink can design a marketing strategy tailored specifically to your needs more effectively as we do it more often and know the process inside out. Nevertheless, your strategy should be spot on with these three stages of the marketing process. 

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