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Retention Marketing – How To Encourage Your Customers To Stay With You

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Now that you have done the hard work of reaching out to prospects and making them to convert going through The 3 main stages or Marketing Strategy, it’s time you retain your existing customers. Obviously, it’s going to be easier prevent your existing customers from leaving than to acquire new customers altogether. 

What Is Retention Marketing?

The term Retention Marketing refers to all the activities a business can perform for creating repeat customers and maximize its profits from the future purchases. 

Even though this concept is rather simple, it’s often overshadowed by extensive customer acquisition efforts. 

How To Retain Customers And Experience Growth?

Here are a few things you should be doing as part of your retention marketing strategy. 

Build Your Brand Into A Trusted Advisor

You can be the go-to guide for your existing customers regarding everything in your industry. It will require you to create quality retention-based content which you can share through your blog, emails, and social media to help customers solve their issues. Your content can be tailored to solve issues your customers might experience after buying from you. Anything that adds value to their experience is certainly going to make them stick longer with you. 

Build Personal Relationships

Personal relationships help customers feel closer to your brand. You can always count on personalized emails and social media updates for reaching out to them. A good example would be to send them a birthday wish and use this opportunity for upselling them with some coupon code. It will make them believe that you care about them and they’ll prefer you over the competitors. 

Go Beyond Customer Expectations

It’s been a popular tactic for customer retention. Going beyond your customers’ expectations develops a very positive association between you and them. Such positive associations remain on top of one’s mind for long. That simply means they’ll keep coming back to you for sure. For exceeding their expectations, you can send them some helpful emails or, maybe, help them troubleshoot certain issues they may be facing.

If you’re able to implement your retention tactics to perfection, your customers will turn into your brand’s advocates and, as a result, you will get more business and greater ROI.

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